Een interessant artikel over Citrix. Now the economics have changed. “Now, for the first time in history, you can get a thin client device for under $100 through a Raspberry Pi,” says Tatarinov.

In fact, monitor maker Viewsonic has integrated a Raspberry Pi into its display, which runs Citrix on the Pi, meaning that no additional thin client computing device is needed to connect to Citrix.

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Cisco Nexus 93180YC-EX

We have this new Data Center Switch in use 🙂

The 93180YC-EX Switch provides a flexible line-rate Layer 2 and Layer 3 feature set in a compact form factor. Designed with Cisco Cloud Scale technology, it supports highly scalable cloud architectures. With the option to operate in Cisco NX-OS or Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) mode, it can be deployed across enterprise, service provider, and Web 2.0 data centers.

Features we are using:

  • VLAN Mapping
  • vPC
  • HSRP
  • VRF
  • OSPF
  • VTP

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Configuring Threat Detection

The threat detection feature consists of different levels of statistics gathering for various threats, as well as scanning threat detection, which determines when a host is performing a scan. You can optionally shun any hosts determined to be a scanning threat.

Threat detection statistics can help you manage threats to your ASA; for example, if you enable scanning threat detection, then viewing statistics can help you analyze the threat. You can configure two types of threat detection statistics:

• Basic threat detection statistics—include information about attack activity for the system as a whole. Basic threat detection statistics are enabled by default and have no performance impact.

• Advanced threat detection—statistics track activity at an object level, so the ASA can report activity for individual hosts, ports, protocols, or access lists. Advanced threat detection statistics can have a major performance impact, depending on the statistics gathered, so only the access list statistics are enabled by default.

IPS- en IDS-oplossingen


IT Pro Ranking: Welke leverancier van IPS- en IDS-oplossingen is als beste getest?

Oplossingen voor de preventie en detectie van indringers (IPS en IDS) spelen een belangrijke rol binnen moderne netwerken, vanwege hun vermogen om aanvallen te detecteren en af te slaan en beveiligingsbeheerders op de hoogte te stellen van verdacht verkeer. 458 ICT-professionals, die de afgelopen 12 maanden IPS/IDS-oplossingen gebruikten of evalueerden hebben deelgenomen aan een enquête. Zij hebben leveranciers van IPS en IDS-oplossingen beoordeeld binnen twee categorieën: de totale productprestaties en specifieke functionaliteit.

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